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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Over the 25 years of continuous experience Dynatech Industries has become an outstanding leader in disciplined mechanical service and repairs.
Dynatech maximises your Return on Investment with an integrated approach to preventative maintenance. This whole-of-life approach minimises breakdowns, improves occupant comfort, reduces running costs and extends asset life.

Planned Preventative Maintenance / Customer Care

Dynatech recognises the importance of offering both Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and full Customer Care service packages to all our clients, specifically monitoring and maintaining the completed plant rooms and energy centres which in turn supply both heating and cooling to commercial and residential.

Dynatech’s pro-active approach to preventative maintenance is aimed at extending the lifecycle of an asset. With a range of preventative, semi-comprehensive and comprehensive options to suit any building, Dynatech offers a full end-to-end solution including:

  • Annual asset audits
  • Evaluate every asset to develop an asset condition report and a level of criticality
  • work according to your financial and operational plan to build a cost benefit lifecycle plan
  • identify energy and cost savings by offering specialist advice on alternative equipment
  • Recommend on legislative compliance issues and ensuring that you meet your objectives.
  • The PPM schedule will be developed and closely monitored to ensure you are receiving maximum benefit and that your systems are running to their peak efficiency. Dynatech Air’s mobile solution will mean all client have access to real time data.
  • Dynatech Industries have cutting edge field paperless technology to allow fast turnaround of technician reporting to our office. This system also enables our scheduling team full visibility of our technicians and their location improving our response times significantly
  • This consistency in our services means that the client can be assured that the projects are being taken care of.
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Dynatech’s Service Centre operates 24/7, every day of the year.
  • Our Service Controllers have been selected for their high degree of technical aptitude.