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Otto, Rosebery

Otto, Rosebery

Rosebery is a part of the local government area of Sydney, The Otto Rosebery project is spread across 10,000 m2 offers 298 apartments in close proximity to beaches, cafes and a conveniently located 5,000m2 public park. Apartments in Rosebery offer those with a lust for city life a less cluttered experience of what it would be like to live in the CBD.

The project brief included Design and Construction of Mechanical Services based on Client Requirements complying with Australian Standards and Building Codes.
Dynatech combined their technical expertise with Solarark to design and install Solar powered systems to achieve natural ventilation in lobbies with zero green house gas emissions
Each apartment is provided with a dedicated air conditioning system. Samsung ducted systems have been installed. There system consists of two zones; day and night. Maintenance access to the indoor unit is via an access panel inside the apartment. The outdoor units are installed on the roof and accessed via the roof access hatch. Apartment toilet/bath/laundry is ventilated via an exhaust air system to the facade on each level.


  • Retail apartments and 298 Residential apartments
  • Split ducted multi zone air conditioning to each apartment
  • Condenser units on roof plant room
  • 2 level basement with ducted supply and exhaust air systems
  • 3.5 star heating/cooling zoned ducted systems have been installed

Project Value:

$90 Million


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Job Duration:

June 2013 – March 2015